Prudent Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an Indore (M.P.) based company working in the field of Renewable Energy and LED Highbay Light Solutions.

High bays are designed to be used in very high areas (approximately 8m and greater) to provide well distributed and uniform light for open areas. The key element of the fitting which will help guarantee the correct light output is the reflectors and optics used by the fitting. A particular consideration for use with a high bay is if it can light vertical surfaces as well as it can illuminate the floor, or working plane. Lighting of verticals is particularly important when dealing with warehouses where items are required to be picked from a shelf. High Technology lightings preferred high bay solution is the Insignia INV.



Concrete Developments

Ultra- bright, white light which improves color rendering and improves night visibility from 400% to 1000% over traditional light sources.

Finance Assistance

Energy saving, 60% to 75% less power consumption than traditional light sources

Smart Builders

Extremely long life, ‘Prudent Systems’ Solid state LED lights are rates at 50.000 hours which translates to more than 12 years of maintenance – free product life.

Quality Infrastructure

No light pollution, no infra-red or ultra violet radiation

Interiorly Designed

Environment friendly operation ( as they contain no mercury or heavy metals)

Cost Effective Solutions

Instant switch ON

Interiorly Designed

Available in plug & play model