Water Pumping Solution

Water pumping solutions can reduce and eliminate huge wastage of water occurring in cities.

This is an automatic water level controller; with an automatic switch which operates automatically according to the level of water in the overhead tank and in the sump tank (say source). This is basically designed to work like a pump operator.

Generally the operator has to check following things before starting the pump

  • Level of sump or source for sufficient level of water
  • Level of overhead tank, to see whether filling the tank is required
  • Monitor the level of source, so that it should not go below foot valve of the pump
  • Monitor the level of overhead tank, so that it should not overflow

This is specially designed as an intelligent unit, which takes care of all the above-mentioned points. It works like an intelligent operator day after day.

  • Automatic system maintains the level of upper water tank by operating pump on/off.
  • Lcd for displaying upper tank, sump tank level, pump on off status and mode.
  • Pump dry run protection when sump is empty.
  • Buzzer to indicate sump empty condition.
  • Bypass switch for manual operation.
  • It can get rid of human involvement in pump operation, thereby saving lot of time
  • Two pump variant also available.
Two pump variant also available.
  • Microcontroller based smart circuit
  • Load up to 1kw
  • Input 12v 1 amp.(ac adaptor)
  • Auto reset function
  • Commercial and domestic use like townships, homes, bungalows, offices, multi-storeys.
Pruduct Water Pumping System