Hybrid Street Light

Prusys Hybrid Integrated LED Solar Light- step towards Intelligent Lighting

According to The Climate Group, there are approximately 304 million street lamps around the world, and the number is expected to reach 352 million by 2025. Street lamps are almost ubiquitous in cities. While these lamps bring convenience to people's lives, they also consume a vast amount of energy and increase management costs for municipalities.

During last few decades, affect of global warming has forced the whole world to use green and renewable energy as source of Power. Though dependency on Fossil fuels has decreased but still it is the dominant source of power in developing countries.

Out of many green and renewable energy sources, Solar PV system has emerged as one of the prominent source because of following benefits

  • Solar Power is pollution free and does not emit greenhouse gases.
  • It is available in abundance everywhere
  • Even in cloudy days it produces some power
  • It is long lasting (more than 25 years) and does not require any maintenance
  • It reduces dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels

Despite all these benefits, Solar PV based outdoor illuminations are limited to remote areas or in those areas where Grid supply is not available. For city area lighting still traditional grid based power are used.

Prudent Systems intelligent design with elegant compact look uses just 17% of traditional Grid supply and ensures uninterrupted city illumination throughout the year.

Technical Specification:-

  • LED Luminary: - 25 W with PMMA street light lenses, Lux level > 25 from 25 M Pole
  • LED:- High Power LED, 145 lumen/ Watt
  • Solar panel- 100 W (MNRE approved)
  • Li Ion Battery capacity- 14.8V, 26.4Ah
  • Microcontroller based Solar charge controller- 14.8 V, 10A
  • LCD Display:- to display Battery n Panel Voltage, percentage of charging
  • CCT:- 5700 K
  • LED color: Day light (cool white)
  • Temperature range 0 to 55 °C
  • Protection:- Short circuit, Reverse Polarity, Over voltage, Over temperature
  • Auto D2D feature
  • Warranty :-2 years, Solar PV- 25 years performance