• Full brightness for first few hours after that PIR sensor adjusts LED brightness on sensing motion (12m range) - LEDs dim to 25% intensity after 1 minute of detecting any movement in the specified range.
  • Auto dusk to dawn operation.
  • Built in display for Solar PV, Battery Voltage and charging percentage Status
  • Battery overcharge/deep discharge protection,
  • GREEN & RED LEDs for indicating battery charging discharging and Fuse for additional protection.

Integrated Solar LED Street Light 7 W 9 W 12 W
LED Luminary (High Power Osram LEDs) 7 W 9 W 12 W
Solar Panel 20 Wp 30 Wp 40 Wp
Li lon Battery 14.8 V,6.6 Ah 14.8 V,11 Ah 14.8 V, 13.2 Ah
Timer, Dimmer & PIR Motion sensor Yes
Solar Charge Controller (Microcontroller based) 14.8 V.5A
LCD Display Solar Panel, Battery Voltage and Battery Charging %
Also available from 7 W to 40 W

Advantage of Prusys Integrated SSL over any other Integrated Solar LED Street Light

In all other integrated solar Street light, PIR motion sensor starts from the evening itself resulting into very low illumination even in first few hours in the evening when good illumination is required. Whereas, in our signature design, we provide option to start with full intensity for certain hours in the evening, so that you can have full illumination in the evening time. After the desired full intensity period only the PIR motion sensor come into the picture and adjust brightness according to movement in late night hours till morning.