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GPS Based Overhead Equipment (OHE) is to helps identify bad running locations to ensure the safety of trains, as well as the riding comfort of passengers. For smooth operation of locomotive, the movement of pantograph should be unobstructed on the contact wire.

The pantograph is the link between the overhead contact wire and the power circuit of the electric locomotive through which the required power is transmitted. It is essential to carry out proper maintenance of this equipment to improve the reliability of the pantograph, life of the OHE contact wire and to eliminate cases of panto entanglements.

Entanglement of pantograph with OHE normally takes place due to mechanical problems either in the OHE or with the pantograph. Entanglement can also take place during an accident or rough weather such as storm etc. Pantograph entanglement causes damages to the pantograph and overhead equipment results to stop the train

Technical Feature

  • Flexible measurement schedule.
  • Compact design using cameras
  • Installation on various Train and OHE wagon cars.
  • No false Sparks are reported due to Electromagnetic Interference via use of Willkie -Talky & works in Neutral Section.
  • Real time nearest OHE & track feature and/or OHE Mast while in run.
  • GPS data from OHE Data / OHE Mast database can be integrated to pinpoint the faulty location.
  • Analysis and reports generated from captured data at any time.
  • Advanced image processing system enables night measurement.

Silent Features

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